want to get some tips how to hiring an escort in Lahore safely ?

There are some things to bear in mind when booking an escort in Lahore. From which sites to use, what you should remember when making a booking and how to approach your girl in Lahore, there are some important tips that you would keep in mind. In this blog, we give you some tips how to book an escort in Lahore as well as provide you with ways to do so and a guide to prices. Like in many countries, hiring an escort is a not legeal.

Tips on Hiring an Escort in Lahore
Some of these tips will mostly be self-explanatory and should be applied in most cities of Pakistan that you hire a sex worker. However, a few of these are specific to Pakistan:

First of all find best escorts site in Lahore – You can find some recommendations about which sites to use in our Lahore but always choose a site that has a lot of regular postings and one where the escorts are charged to list their services.

Choose a Verified Escorts in Lahore – Where possible, select an escort whose details have been verified.Classified sites, in particular, can yield results on a mobile number with numerous other women listed alongside it. Check the Escorts in Lahore – It is worth doing a Google search on the name and telephone number of any escort you book with.you may find reviews on forums about the services of the escort you are considering.
Decide a Budget – Have a fixed budget in mind such as Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000 This means you can have the right money ready and only take this with you (in-call) or have this out (outcall).
Fix Price –When you make contact with the agency or escort in Lahore, decide on where you will meet. Some escorts provider agencies provide out-call as well as in-call. Just remember that prostitution in 4 star and 5 star hotels is illegal in Pakistan So you may need to book and 4 star and 5 star hotel in Lahore
Trust Your Instincts – If you are meeting an escort at a different location then be aware of your surroundings and take extra care about any potential dangers. If it doesn’t feel right, then be prepared to bail on the whole thing. Whilst most in-call escort services are perfectly safe, it pays to be on your guard. This doesn’t always relate to the danger you might be in but also the circumstances and age of the escort you meet.

Whether you are arranging in outcall service to your hotel or meeting an escort in Lahore at your place so do not have too many personal belongings out. Remove your watch and any jewellery and leave these in the hotel safe. Have only the cash you are paying her on hand. It is surprisingly common to find that things go missing, usually whilst you are taking a shower.Don’t Be Drunk – Being intoxicated can cloud your judgement and leave you vulnerable to exploitation. Once your time is over, end the session as quickly as possible; extra time will cost you and can provide an ideal opportunity for theft. Keep in mind that don’t book an escorts if you are drunk.

Ways to Hire an Escort in Lahore
There are a number of ways to book an escort in Lahore city, the easiest and most popular way is via the internet. Some escorts agencies have their own websites such a Lahoregirl.com, but a lot of Pakistani women advertise directly using escort directories and classified websites.

Lahore Escorts Sites :

Rates: Hiring an Escort in Lahore
The cost of hiring an escort in Lahore, like in many cities, prices depending on the calibre of call girl you choose. In most of Lahore’s larger cities, you can hire the services of VVIP escorts, some of whom are Lahore but many of which will be from other cities. The rates start from Rs.15,000 and other dependent on girls

However, most escorts in Lahore fall into one of three less expensive categories:

Once you are clean, you can expect a massage though do not expect this to be the best you have ever had. At best it will be erotic and a good way to start a session but most are quite perfunctory.

Lahore Escort Tips
If you are looking for vip massage then book at a salon; escorts are not known for giving the best service in this field.

Some are very skilled in this area others will offer this reluctantly. You can expect to finish with vaginal penetration in most of the usual positions (cowgirl, doggy, missionary etc) but few will allow anal they charge extra for this.
You should not expect French kissing or a GFE as standard.

Lastly, remember to use protection when using the services of an escort in Lahore, Use condoms